Custom residential deck and porch construction means that you are able to have the deck or porch of your dreams.

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The purpose of room additions is to add more space to the home. It is not unusual for a family to outgrow..

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Bathrooms come in different shapes and sizes. Some are large, while there are others that are small and need..

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Through innovative thinking and the necessary technical skills, ingenious solutions are ..

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Roofing and siding are the two outermost elements of a home. This is why both need to be in excellent..

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We are leading professionals in whole house remodeling. Contact the Bjork Construction team today..

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Welcome To Bjork Construction

Mission Statement….Our mission is to provide our customers with the highest level of craftsmanship at a fair competitive price…. To ensure the future of our company through repeat and referral business achieved by customer satisfaction in all areas….We are committed to provide exceptional service, professionalism, honesty, and fairness to our customers, suppliers, and subcontractors.

Owner Scott

It is not unusual to feel like your home is cramping your style. You’ve been looking at the same old same old for quite some time and what you need is something fresh. Perhaps you need a simple bathroom update or maybe you are feeling like you need a garage that you can park your car in and use for storage to clear up room in the home. No matter what your need, Bjork Construction is a full service Minneapolis residential modeling company that can take care of remodeling tasks that are both big and small.

At Bjork Construction, we have a full service residential construction team ranging from bathroom re-modelers to deck contractors MN. This means that we have the skills, the tools, the experience, and the know-how to completely overhaul the interior and exterior of your home so that it can be all you want it to be.

Custom Interior Remodeling

Because you spend a lot of time in your home, it is not unusual for you to feel like you need some change. Custom services means that you are able to have your home look the way that you want it to look and not the way that someone else tells you it should look. You do not want someone to tell you that they cannot turn your dream into a reality because they simply do not have the tools or the expertise to do so.

When you want to change your kitchen, your bathroom, or another room in your home, it should be done. It is ideal to have a company in Minneapolis that has the resources, experience, and the expertise to handle the job. This means doing such tasks as:

  • Space planning
  • Drawing up floor plans
  • Being able to manage the project and your budget
  • Building to your specifications

All of these are things that we do when we take on your project. When you state that you have a certain budget you need to adhere to, we respect that. We do not expect for you to spend money that you don’t have. And we are well versed in many different design types so that we can accommodate the varying tastes of our clients.

Custom Exterior Remodeling

There are different types of exterior remodeling. There is the type where you can completely change the outward appearance of the home through new siding, replacing faulty roofing, installing new windows and doors, and hiring our Minneapolis deck building contractors to add one to your home. Maybe you even feel the need to add a garage or an entire room, which will change the shape of the home.

In the case of room additions, this is a way in which the interior of the home is changed as well and involves new construction. This is because more space is the result. Perhaps a new bedroom is needed or you simply need another room to be able to spend time in. There are many reasons why individuals opt for room additions. While these additions can seem rather complicated, we do use methods that ensure such events as ground shifting won’t be a problem.

A Minnesota Remodeling Company With Experience

Whether you are just entertaining the idea of updating your home or you are ready to start the process, let us help you bring your vision to life. Call 612-242-2017 with any questions you may have or to take the first steps toward changing the appearance of your home.