Minnesota Room Additions Construction

The purpose of room additions is to add more space to the home. It is not unusual for a family to outgrow a home and need more space. Perhaps a new baby is on the way and there are not enough bedrooms in the home. Then again, you may decide that you can save money building a home gym onto your home instead of driving to the gym several times a week and paying membership fees.

Everyone has their own set of reasons for needing an additional room. Unfortunately, most individuals don’t know where to start because adding a room means having to make a new doorway, creating a foundation that is like the one the home is already on, ensuring there is enough room along the outside perimeter of the home to build the addition, and so much more. It can seem rather discouraging.

Fortunately, a Minneapolis construction company specializing in room additions can do all of the legwork. This includes taking care of all of the technicalities involved, the planning, and making sure that your specifications are top priority.

Preparing For A Room Addition

Since you want to add a room, you most likely know that you have the space to do so. You have probably done your own measurements so that you can see how large the room can be. However, there are other areas that need to be considered, such as where the septic system or leach bed is, whether or not there are underground utilities that could become an issue, and if there is any sort of drainage occurring under the ground that would make it impossible to build. Be sure to hire a Minneapolis home additions specialist to get the job done right the first time.

If any of the above are discovered to be issues, this does not mean that the room addition cannot be built. This simply means that the size of the room may have to change or even the location. In many cases, there are ways to work around the obstacles and that is something that you do not have to do alone. You are not left to find out all of these things by yourself because that can be stressful. We work together with you to make the project happen.

The Construction Process

The construction process is very similar to the one that occurred when your home was built. Footings below the frostline, a frame similar to or stronger than your home’s existing frame, and matching siding and roofing are all used. There may be special techniques used, such as not building directly onto the home, but an independent structure that is then sealed to the home in a strong and secure way with a sloping roof coming off of the main roof. There are different ways to make the addition happen based on the type of home you have. Almost any home – as long as there is an area to create a doorway from one room to the new room – can be built onto.

Twin Cities Room Additions Construction

When you need a new room built onto your home, an experienced construction company is going to make that a possibility. Whether you need more space or you want another room to spend time in, hire us as your Minneapolis room addition contractor,  call us at 612-242-2017 to find out what we can do to make your home larger.