Minnesota Kitchen Remodeling

Through innovative thinking and the necessary technical skills, ingenious solutions are developed to help you have the kitchen of your dreams. Remodeling design challenges are welcome because that means developing something that will provide visual harmony within the home.

It is amazing what can change the overall appearance of a kitchen. Maybe a new set of cabinets is all it needs or cabinets and a countertop will do enough to provide sufficient cabinet and counter space. Then again, you may need a complete overhaul because your kitchen is not functional enough and is also not your style anymore.

Kitchen Remodeling Services

There are a number of services that we offer so that your kitchen can be transformed into a completely different room. Those services include:

  • Cabinets
  • Appliances
  • Countertops
  • Flooring
  • Accessories
  • Fixtures

You can choose any style from traditional to contemporary and can make the remodel as minimal or as extensive as you need. There are many types of countertops and other materials to choose from. In regards to your sink, your style may be an under-mount sink or something more traditional. Everyone is different and the varying tastes can be easily worked with.

The Design Process

The design process that our Minneapolis kitchen remodeling experts utilize starts with what you want your kitchen looks like. If you have photographs from magazines or any other information that you would like to share, we welcome it. You may even have input from family or friends that you may want to use. You then establish your budget and share this budget with us so that we can find what methods we need to utilize to give you what you want within that budget.

The kitchen space will need to be assessed by taking measurements and design concepts can be discussed. If you are not sure about a particular design, you will be presented with ideas to help you. This will lead to the product and design specifications, which includes the plumbing fixtures, tile, countertop material, and other materials that will be used to give your kitchen a facelift. All of this will be presented to you within the budget specified, while also making sure your style and personality are reflected through the final product.

Design Only Services

If not ready to start the construction process, it is possible to opt for design only services. This means having a design drawn up that can be shown to a contractor at a later date. Sometimes the design process can go as far as actual product selection for the best prices possible.

Instances in which design only services are useful are when trying to establish a budget for future updates or another construction company may already be contracted to make changes, but a specific type of design is needed. Whatever the reason, it can be done.

Minneapolis Kitchen Remodeling

The processes used to update your kitchen are very methodical to ensure the job is done to your specifications and done right. If your budget is tight, but you want to change the appearance of your kitchen anyway, let us know and we’ll tell you how we can help. Call us at 612-242-2017 and our kitchen remodel Minneapolis MN team will be more than happy to help.