Minnesota Garage Construction

Although a garage seems like a simple structure, there is a lot of work that goes into making it strong. When the garage is built as an addition to your home, there are certain construction techniques that are used to ensure that exhaust fumes from automobiles do not overtake the home, to make sure one or more automobiles will fit, and to give you the space that you desire to do the things you want to do within your garage.

The garage is built so that it looks as if it were originally a part of the home. In most cases, the exterior matches the home. This means that the same type of brick is used if the home is brick. If the home is siding, then the siding color and type is matched up. Not only does this give you a space where you are able to park your automobiles, have a workbench, work on projects, or have additional storage space, but value is also added to the house.

Construction Planning

There is a planning process involved, such as securing the proper permits and ensuring there are no underground utilities, a septic system, or leach bed in the area where construction is to take place. We do not make you deal with these things on your own. When you contact us, we are personally invested in your project and will do everything needed to make it possible.

Our Minnesota garage builders will work with you and your vision to create a solid plan for your garage. We will offer suggestions, answer any questions, and update you along the way. You never have to wonder what we’re doing and why we are doing it. The planning process is actually cost-effective in that a solid plan means making sure quality materials are obtained prior to construction and that the prices of those materials fall within your budget.

The Construction Process

The best practice a Twin Cities garage construction company can do is use concrete footings to ensure a solid foundation and then pour a concrete floor once the footings are in place. You can opt for sealed or unsealed concrete. Unsealed is more porous, so oil other substances can settle into those pores. This causes the floor to become stained over time. Sealed means that the pores are sealed off so that staining does not occur. This also makes it easier to clean. While the sealed option can cost more, it can keep the garage floor looking nice.

The frame can then be erected and the desired materials used to finish the process. This means putting up the walls so that the exterior can be finished and sheet rock walls for a nice interior. There are a lot of materials to choose from, which is also true for the roofing. The roofing will match that of the home. So if you have a metal roof, metal roofing that matches can be placed on the garage. When it’s done, you have a functional garage, along with manual or automatic garage doors of your choosing.

Minneapolis MN Garage Builders

When you’re tired of exposing your cars to the weather and you want to protect your valuable investments, building a garage is the ideal solution. You can accommodate as many vehicles as you like and have additional working space or storage space. It is all up to you. You can call us at 612-242-2017 to learn what your options are and how we can make your garage a reality.