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Roofing and siding are the two outermost elements of a home. This is why both need to be in excellent condition. A roof that is in excellent shape is one that will not leak. A lack of leaks means that there will not be water making its way into the attic and into the walls, causing weakening of the structure and mold growth. Good roofing also means keeping energy costs down.

In regards to siding, siding also protects the structure because water is able to run off and not make its way into cracks and crevices that could weaken the frame of the home over time and cause other forms of extensive damage. Siding can handle many forms of weather, can handle the impact of blowing debris in high wind conditions, and it is also affordable and available in many colors.

When It’s Time For A New Roof Or Repair

You know it’s time for a new roof when it begins leaking severely. However, inspections that are done twice-a-year can make a considerable difference in whether you need a new roof or a series of repairs. Nevertheless, the weather can take its toll. In Minnesota, snowstorms can result in heavy snows that challenge roofs, so solid construction and quality materials are a must. It’s important to use a contractor that is experienced with exterior remodeling plans MN winters can’t overcome. Here are some of the materials that are used:

  • Asphalt shingles – The most common roofing type with a 25-50 year lifespan.
  • Clay and tile – Looks nice, yet costs more than asphalt shingles. The tiles are heavy, but may still be susceptible to high winds.
  • Wood shingles and shakes – Create a more natural look. Requires maintenance to avoid insects, rodents, mold, and rot.
  • Metal roofing – Available in different colors and can be shaped to look like tile, shingles, shakes, or slate. The lifespan of metal roofing can be 40 to 60 years, which can make it a cost-effective solution, and most weather does not affect it, although it can collapse in case of fire.

Of course, each has their pros and their cons. However, what you choose depends upon the look you wish to achieve.

If you do not need a roof replacement, repairs can be made. If shingles or tiles have been blown off, they can be replaced. Work can be done to repair any other damage that does not go too deep into the home. If you see cracked paint, peeling wallpaper, or discolored plasterboard in your home, then it is time for more than simple roof repairs.

Siding Is A Colorful Option

 Functional is what siding is. It is functional in that it protects the overall structure of the home and it is available in different types and many colors.  When it is installed correctly by us at Bjork Construction, it will last for many years. If something would happen that the weather would pull it loose, it can easily be repaired, which can save a lot of money.  Here is just a small list of different siding options offered by Bjork Construction.

  • Vinyl Siding – Vinyl siding comes in a variety of different shapes, colors and sizes.  Thickness will usually determine the quality of the product, from Builders grade of .040 thickness to thick grade of .050 thickness.
  • Fiber Cement Board – We specialize in fiber cement board siding using James Hardie siding and Certainteed WeatherBoards.  Fiber Cement siding comes also comes in a variety of size in either smooth or wood grain.  There are many prefinished colors or it can be installed primed and painted to any color you want.  With a 50 year warranty and low maintenance, Fiber Cement siding is a great choice.
  • Other Products – LP Smartside is another great option with a 50 year warranty.

Siding is rather straightforward. There are different styles now days to suit your personality. We can review the many options with you so that you can choose a style and product  that fits within your budget.

Bjork Construction Exterior

 A new roof and/or siding can make a considerable difference in the functionality and the appearance of your home. You can keep the weather outside and maintain comfort inside and it doesn’t have to be incredibly expensive to do so. If you are looking for a Minneapolis MN exterior home renovations specialist,  call us today at 612-242-2017 and see how we can affordably make your home all that it can be.